About Us 


Bruin Women in Business is the premier female business organization at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). By connecting women leaders across campus and through extensive alumni networks, Bruin Women in Business aspires to help students understand potential industries, prepare for full-time employment, and learn skills that will help them ultimately succeed in the workforce.


Career Development 

While the female students at UCLA are talented, ambitious, and intelligent, it is often difficult to navigate the numerous career paths of the workforce. Bruin Women in Business helps individuals gain knowledge about the various opportunities there are available for post-grads and then teaches them the skills they need to land the job. We focus primarily on corporate finance, consulting, technology, entrepreneurship, investment banking, marketing and accounting. 

Internal and Alumni Networking 

We believe the UCLA network is full of amazing individuals that can be useful in helping expand your knowledge and provide help in finding job and internship opportunities. Our organization connects individuals internally and with UCLA alumni to help develop strong relationships and place successful females in top positions across the globe. 



job placement 

The daunting task of finding a job after graduation can be overwhelming and confusing without proper guidance, direction and advice. Bruin Women in Business helps our members connect with job opportunities in any area they are interested and provides support help members be as prepared as they can be for interviews and post-grad life.