Executive Board 

The Executive Board consists of some of UCLA's most academically motivated, career driven, and ambitious female students. Each Board Member is fiercely passionate about helping women on campus gain key experience and leadership skills during their time at UCLA, so that they can find genuine post-graduate success in the business world.



Ali is a fourth-year student, majoring in Business Economics with a minor in Spanish. She has been a BWIB member since its inception in 2017, and she loves that BWIB connects women who are passionate about business and female empowerment. Outside of BWIB, Ali is involved in Bruin Consulting and the Undergraduate Business Society at UCLA. This past summer, she interned as a Summer Associate at the Boston Consulting Group.

Ishita Banerjee external VICE PRESIDENT

Ishita is a fourth-year student, majoring in Economics with a minor in Film & TV. Given the disproportionate gender ratios she has witnessed—both on-campus and in the workspace—she is thrilled to be able to play a role in empowering women in the business space. Ishita is also involved with Bruin Consulting, UBS, and the Indian Student Union at UCLA. She interned with Goldman Sachs' Real Estate, Gaming, and Lodging Investment Banking team last summer, and will be returning as a full-time analyst after graduation.


Amanda is a fourth-year student, majoring in Business Economics with a concentration in Value Investing. She has been involved with Bruin Women In Business since her freshman year and is extremely passionate about giving women on campus the resources they need to be confident in the professional world. Amanda’s immediate career goals lie in the field of consulting. Upon graduation, she will begin working full-time at Bain & Company as an Associate Consultant.

Mikayla mills vice president of operations

Mikayla is a fourth-year student, majoring in Economics with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. She is is passionate about helping female students at UCLA explore career options so that they can build a strong foundation for a successful career. Mikayla has experience at Berkshire Hathaway's real estate division and Silver Sail Capital. She recently interned at Credit Suisse in New York, where she will be returning after graduation to pursue a career in investment banking.

bailey brann Vice President of social media

Bailey is a third-year student, double-majoring in Economics and Communication Studies. She is excited to help equip other female students with the skills necessary to truly succeed in the corporate world. On campus, Bailey is also involved in the Student Alumni Association and the Campus Events Commission at UCLA. This past summer, Bailey interned as a New Media & Digital Publicity Intern at E! Entertainment, and she hopes to continue pursuing a career within the entertainment industry.

amy walker Vice President of career development

Amy is a third-year student, majoring in Economics with a concentration in Value Investing and a minor in History. Having been a part of BWIB since her first quarter at UCLA, she is passionate about creating an inclusive and supportive environment to guide young women. She is also involved with the Undergraduate Business Society at UCLA and is a Sharpe Fellow. Amy has experience interning in venture capital at StillMark Co. and accounting & tech at Honey, and she will be interning next summer in investment banking at Credit Suisse.

chandler coon Vice President of member relations

Chandler is a fourth-year student, majoring in Business Economics with an Accounting minor. Having been a member of BWIB since her freshman year, she looks forward to working with BWIB’s members on professional development and being a mentor for younger women interested in business. After her internship in Downtown Los Angeles this summer with Deloitte, Chandler has accepted a full-time position with the firm in the Costa Mesa office as a Tax Consultant.

Megan pierce founder, advisor

Megan Pierce is a UCLA alumna and the original founder of Bruin Women in Business. She was inspired to start this organization to help create a strong female network on UCLA’s campus and help ensure that women graduates are given the tools they need to excel in their academic and professional career. Megan has experience in venture capital as an analyst at Mark Cuban Companies, Learn Capital, Stillmark Ventures and Thomvest Ventures; she currently works as a Venture Capital Analyst at Pritzker Group.

Devanshi Mehta founder, advisor

Devanshi Mehta graduated from UCLA in 2018, and she founded BWIB alongside Pierce in their junior year at UCLA. Her goal in creating this on-campus community of female business leaders was to foster interaction amongst like-minded individuals and facilitate communication of ideas and resources. Devanshi is currently working full-time as an Investment Banking Analyst at Perella Weinberg Partners. She is more than glad to continue serving as a resource to fellow Bruins upon graduating.